Biologi BF serum


Bf serum contains a unique combination of fruit acids that nourish and protect the whole body. Bf serum is the ideal serum for anyone with sensitive, dry and irritated skin who is looking for a boost of hydration. It is a multi-use serum that can also be used on the face.

BF serum is the ultimate lipid barrier repair serum and is gentle enough to use on a baby. Our clients who suffer with redness, eczema, or irriratated skin have seen amazing results. This product can also be used after having chemical peels and skin needling to calm and sooth the skin.

Ingredients: Finger Lime, 0.2% Sodium Benzoate

Use Bf serum for:

Full body & face hydration

Repair skin barrier

Reduce cellulite and dimples

Anti-oxidant protection from damaging free radicals

Reduce damage caused by long-term over-exposure to the sun

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