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Full Health Industries Colloidal Silver


Fulhealth Industries Silver Colloid is fully natural antimicrobial which is totally safe for human consumption. Silver has been used from many years to prevent bacterial infections and also used to treat wounds. Colloidal Silver has been clinically tested to promote fast healing and aid in healing. This is a great remedy for everyone.


  • Great for wound care and faster healing
  • Helpful in curing ear infections
  • Treats pink eye
  • Helps in reducing bodily toxins


You can consume 20ml per day as it falls below the N.H.M.R.C. guidelines. Add 10 ml of silver colloid to around 1L of water and let it sit for around 20 minutes so that the water gets sanitized. Consume the water in 30 minutes.

Use the solution directly from the bottle as dipping anything in the bottle can reduce the effectiveness of the solution. 

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