Evelyn Naon

Evelyn Naon Salalah Perfume Oil

Evelyn Naón’s natural oil blend, Salalah, is inspired by the ancient frankincense trade between two of the main perfume capitals of antiquity – Salalah on the Arabian Sea and Ibiza Island.

Bold Phoenician traders created links between these faraway lands, bringing luxury goods such as exotic resins, perfumes and textiles from South Arabia to Mediterranean Ibiza. Evelyn Naón created this beautiful, natural perfume to keep this ancient heritage alive, preserving history and culture by “building bridges through your senses”.

Tracing the trading routes of old, this perfume incorporates notes of Salalah frankincense, myrrh, Egyptian geranium, Moroccan rose, Seville lemon, cade smoke, saffron, sandalwood, amber and musk. Just a little of this perfume goes a long way.

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